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Miscellaneous Hackintosh Tips & Tricks and ideas (still a work in progress)

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Add OpenCore version to Config.plist

  • Add the OpenCore version inside Config.plist as a comment

  • This will facilitate keeping track of different versions of EFIs, especially since the OpenCore version cannot be seen inside a backed up EFI folder

  • It should also help during upgrades when looking for differences between the versions

  • Disadvantage is that the version number cannot be automatically updated

Other Tips & Tricks Topics (miscellaneous ideas)

  • Hackintosh Tools Evaluation 2022

  • Guide for Upgrading macOS (minor point upgrades and major version upgrades)

  • Boot Variables for macOS

  • Clone USB drive / SSD drive together with EFI (CCC & Script or Super Duper & Script)

  • Semi-Automated testing script of a finished/upgraded hackintosh.

  • Windows or Linux version of the Beginners Guide

  • Automated Linux hardware analysis tool for Hackintosh compatibility checking

  • Anonymous CC Credit Card for adding a payment method to AppleID (?!)

  • Beginners should avoid...

  • Virtualization notes. Proxmox etc.

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