Install & Postinstall


BIOS Settings Explained

Post Install

  • Generally follow OpenCore Post-Install. On a modern desktop system this is less involved than on a laptop, which requires considerably more work.

  • In the Misc - Security section ScanPolicy 0 allows all. To set up a more restrictive policy this could be changed to the OpenCore default 17760515 or a custom value which you can create with this nice online tool: ScanPolicy Generator

  • You can do USB Port mapping on macOS with Hackintool which is a nice GUI alternative to USBMap

USB Port MappingUSB Mapping on Windows
  • After everything works, debug settings should be changed back to normal.


  • Xplist a lightweight plist editor with rich features

Versions used

This guide was initially written in 2022 and last updated in 2024 with the then current release versions of each tool. Even though the basic steps will remain the same, some details and screenshots will change during subsequent updates of OpenCore, OCAuxiliaryTools, OCLP and Hackintool. Always check the most recent version of the OpenCore Install Guide and verify that OCAuxiliaryTools is still supporting the latest version of OpenCore.

  • OpenCore 1.0.0

  • OCAuxiliaryTools 20240001

  • OCLP 1.5.0

  • TINU 3.0.1

  • Hackintool v4.0.3

  • USBToolBox 0.1.1 (currently at 0.2)

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