Hackintosh Checklist

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What's working?

Working: check-mark. Not Working: bold.
Not Tested: leave as-is. Not applicable: Strikethrough or delete.

Desktop and General

OpenCore Booting

  • Correct OS choices shown in OpenCore Menu/GUI
  • Keyboard shortcuts working (see details below in OpenCore Boot Key Combinations)
    • CMD+V — verbose mode (check KeySwap)
    • Apple -> System Preferences -> Startup Disk (uses NVRAM).
  • Security (especially SIP) use Menu Bar SIP Detector
  • FileVault (if used)
  • Windows 10 and/or Linux Multi-Boot
  • Recovery (macOS) Boot
  • Serial Number: ensure that it does not exist elsewhere, Check Apple Coverage (and not uploaded to Github)


  • Display via HDMI
  • Display via DisplayPort
  • Display via DVI
  • Native Resolution
  • Refresh rates
  • Multimonitor displays

Graphics Acceleration

  • dGPU dedicated GPU
    • In Terminal: gfxutil -f GFX0 or check in IORegistryExplorer
  • iGPU internal GPU
    • In Terminal: gfxutil -f IGPU or check in IORegistryExplorer
  • QE/CI (full acceleration requires both Quartz Extreme and Core Image)
    • Check for transparent menu bar and fast smooth UI.
  • VDA (Video Decode Acceleration framework)
    • Hackintool -> System -> System -> VDA Decoder (should show 'fully supported')
    • Or use VDADecoderChecker
  • Metal
    • System Information -> Graphics/Displays -> Metal: Supported
    • GLView
    • Geekbench -> Compute -> Metal
  • Intel Quick Sync, H.264 & HEVC (H.265) hardware decoding/encoding
    • Intel Power Gadget > GFX (green line) check while exporting H.264 from FCP-X
  • dGPU hardware acceleration


  • Audio out (see in Audio MIDI Setup)
  • Audio in
  • Frontpanel audio connectors
  • Audio over HDMI
  • Audio quality

Sleep & Power

Use Energy Saver > Restore Defaults
  • Check Hibernate Mode (desktop 0, laptop 3): pmset -g | grep hibernatemode
  • Shutdown (from Apple menu)
  • Restart (from Apple menu)
  • Manual Sleep (Apple menu -> Sleep)
  • Auto Sleep (System Preferences -> Energy Saver)
  • Wake by keyboard
  • Wake by mouse/trackpad


  • CPU Power Management Optimizing Power Management
    • Check with IORegistryExplorer
  • Temperatures and stability with 100% CPU
    • Use Prime95 Torture Test


Test with AJA System Test Lite
  • NVMe SSD (PCIe Gen3 or Gen4 speeds)
  • TRIM support (System Information -> SATA -> SSD drive)


Check with HWMonitorSMC2
  • CPU
  • GPU
  • SSD, NVMe, HD
  • Fans


  • Option/Command correctly mapped in macOS
    • For PC Keyboards swap in: System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifier Keys
    • Press Spacebar and the key left of the Spacebar. This should show Spotlight
  • Fn keys working (Audio Volume keys, etc.)


Check with USBToolBox or Hackintool (shows connection speed)
Test external drive speed with AJA System Test Lite
  • USB 2 ports
  • USB 2 on USB 3 ports
  • USB 3 and 3.1 ports (check transfer speed during copy)
  • USB Type-C ports
  • SD Card Reader
  • Camera (Photo Booth, Facetime, Zoom)
  • Fingerprint reader


  • File transfer
  • Display


  • Gigabit LAN (System Preferences-> Network -> Ethernet -> Advanced -> Hardware -> Speed should be 1000baseT)
  • 2.5GBase-T (especially on Comet Lake and above boards)
  • 10GBase-T (Aquantia with updated firmware)

Wifi & Bluetooth

  • Wifi transmission speed (Option Click -> Wifi menu bar icon -> check Tx Rate)
  • Bluetooth devices (trackpad, mouse, keyboard, headset)
  • AirDrop (test with iDevices)
  • AirPlay to Mac (macOS Monterey or later, test with iOS 14 or later devices)
    • tap the AirPlay icon on your Apple device to share videos to your Hackintosh
  • Handoff System requirements for Continuity and Use Continuity which requires macOS Catalina & iOS 13+
  • Sidecar requires macOS Catalina or later and a compatible iPad using iPadOS 13 or later.

OS Features

  • iMessage, FaceTime, App Store, iTunes Store
  • DRM support (iTunes Movies, Apple TV+. Amazon Prime and Netflix, and others - test in Safari. Requires AMD Polaris or newer GPU.)

Laptop Specific

additional checks relevant for Notebooks including MacBooks with Legacy Patchers


  • Backlight setting
  • Backlight sensor
  • Backlight Fn keys


  • Internal Speakers
  • Internal Microphone
  • 3.5 mm Jack Headphones
  • 3.5 mm Jack Microphone

Sleep & Power

  • Sleep by close lid
  • Sleep by close lid with external display
  • Wake by open lid


  • Showing percentage
  • Showing capacity/health
    • coconutBattery
  • Charge plug/unplug detected


  • Battery

Keyboard & Trackpad

  • Keyboard (possibly PS2 based)
  • Brightness and other Fn Keys
  • Touchpad basic functions
  • Touchpad Gestures
I make this checklist available under public domain (CC0)