Create macOS Installer - TINU

Alternative GUI method, if you need macOS Catalina or older

Create a bootable installer for macOS with TINU

TINU is a very useful opensource GUI for the createinstallmedia command, together with some useful tools such as an EFI mounter, the macOS Downloader and the OpenCore EFI-folder integration.

  • Click on Proceed and choose the target USB-stick. Then click Next

  • Click on Get Installer

  • Try to download Big Sur from the App Store by using the provided link within TINU.

  • If you are unable to download from the App Store, follow Making the installer in macOS, by using the following command in the Terminal (you will need at least 50GB of available disk space):

    mkdir -p ~/macOS-installer && cd ~/macOS-installer && curl > && sudo python
    • Once finished, youโ€™ll find a DMG in your ~/macOS-Installer/ folder containing the macOS Installer, called Install_macOS_11.5.2-20G95.dmg for example. Mount it and youโ€™ll find the installer application.

  • Open the installer application for macOS Big Sur inside TINU and click Next

  • Click Options and add the EFI folder which you previously created in OCAuxiliaryTools from the Desktop

  • Click Done and start creating the macOS installer by clicking on Yes, I understand.

  • This will take a number of minutes. You can check the log for details.

This step completes the creation of a hackintosh bootable USB drive with the macOS installer and the OpenCore EFI folder on it. - You may want to add some tools such as OCAuxiliaryTools and EFI-Agent to the USB drive, as these will be useful during post-install configuration.

Next follow the steps on the Install & Postinstall page!

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